SBF RISE Programme

SBF RISE Programme

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is a partner under the Singapore Business Federation’s (SBF) Rising in Support of Enterprises (RISE) Programme. The RISE Programme was established by SBF to help businesses transform and emerge stronger through COVID-19 challenges.

The SMF’s RISE activities below cover a wide range of topics that aim to help enterprises with their business growth and capability upgrading efforts. Eligible SBF members who have attended these qualifying activities may apply to SBF for a one-time support of up to $500 to offset the costs of participation.

Activity Code
Category of Activity
(STEER Principles)
Name of Activity Cost of Activity Per Participant
(SBF member)
(inclusive of prevailing GST)
SMF0001 Capability Upgrading Effective Uses and Applications of Incoterms in International Trade $481.50
SMF0002 Capability Upgrading Import/Export Documentation and Shipping Procedures $599.20
SMF0003 Capability Upgrading Import/Export Documentation and Effective Uses of Letter of Credit $599.20
SMF0004 Capability Upgrading Supervisory Management Skills- Leading, Coaching, Managing $642.00
SMF0005 Business Growth Selling Skills and Sales Strategies $642.00
SMF0006 Business Growth Social Media Marketing $481.50
SMF0007 Capability Upgrading Analytical and Creative Thinking Skills $428.00
SMF0008 Capability Upgrading Essentials of Email Writing and Etiquette $374.50
SMF0009 Capability Upgrading Technical Writing Skills $374.50
SMF0010 Capability Upgrading Inventory Management, Planning and Control $663.40
SMF0011 Capability Upgrading Strategic Production Planning, Scheduling and Control $663.40
SMF0012 Capability Upgrading Warehouse and Storage Management $599.20
SMF0013 Capability Upgrading Tele-Techniques to Increase Leads and Sales $374.50
SMF0014 Business Growth Business Modeling Towards Industry 4.0 $642.00

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Click here to find out more about the SBF RISE Programme, as well as the eligibility criteria and qualifying activities supported.